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Looking for the simple life?  Want the feel of the “rural” with the convenience of the suburbs?  This location along the CT River in South Windsor offers the best of both worlds.  Three lots available on Pleasant Valley Road in South Windsor, CT are three opportunities to recreate the atmosphere of 18th century living in these to-be-built colonial homes.  Based on period design, classical details, and a lifetime spent in preservation, restoration, and the authentic reproduction of New England colonials, Sunderland Period Homes provides more than just a house, they provide a home filled with character, integrity and the details of a bygone era.

The fundamental principles of proportion and balance may be a thing of the past – but are still found in the quality of our work, sustained by the craftsmanship and detail that goes into all of our homes.  Wide board floors, crown mouldings, paneled fireplace walls, wainscot, colonial kitchens – are some of the details needed to recreate a New England colonial home.  Alone, these will not capture 18th century atmosphere.  It takes a lifetime of study and work in the field to know how to put them together.  After 35 years in the field of American colonial architecture, we have earned that know how. 

We’d like to build something special for you, something in keeping with the historic neighborhood.  Something that would have been witnessed by the characters who once crossed its past.  Come, walk in the footsteps of John Adams, Eli Terry and Ulysses S. Grant, the post rider who delivered the mail to the old post office, the Bissell who carried on Paul Revere’s ride, the preacher who became president of Princeton, the farmer’s wife who rolled the first American cigar.  The charm of living in history never tires.  The elegance and grace of the antique house never wanes, its character never fades.  Classical architecture will always be in fashion.  Come, be a part of something timeless.

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3 building lots.  3/4 acre to 1.3 acres.  Designs  2200-3000sqft.  Starting at $650K.
Homes For Sale
These Authentically Detailed 18th Century Colonial Homes are to be built on Pleasant Valley Road in South Windsor, CT.
18th and 19th century homes abound in this quiet neighborhood suitable for walking, biking and just enjoying the pleasures of living in a very special place.

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Our Authentic Reproduction Homes

The purity of their 18th century lines, the beauty and atmosphere of their paneled rooms, their uncompromising workmanship and amenities provide lasting pleasure, comfort and security-and will for generations.

If you plan to build a true period reproduction home or restore an original, we can work with you in a number of ways. Depending on the scope and location of your project, we can either provide all design and construction services or we can support you and your contractor with architectural consulting and appropriate custom millwork, ensuring that your project is accomplished authentically. Whatever our involvement, we will deliver work whose beauty and atmosphere are true to the 18th century , and a rare pleasure in this century.